Data and Code Availability and Sharing Policy

JBM aims to maintain transparency of reporting and reproducibility of published results to our highest standards. We expect that all authors should make materials, data, code/algorithm, software, and protocols used to generate the data presented in the manuscript freely available without restrictions upon publication of the work.  Authors may provide small datasets and code as Supplementary Information during peer review. Any restriction on availability of information must be disclosed to the editors at the time of submission. Editors and reviewers reserve the right to decline the manuscript if the information is unavailable.

Large datasets

Large datasets are preferably shared via public repositories (i.e. GEO for genomic dataset), which can be kept confidential before public release. Data should be deposited prior to submission and repository name and reference number should be cited in the manuscript. In any event that the data files cannot be deposited, it is author’s responsibility to make the data available to editors, reviewers, and readers if requested.  

Source code

Any in-house scripts or programs, that are necessary for the generation of data, must be deposited in a public repository (e.g. GitHub) prior to submission. Repository name and reference number should be cited in the manuscript. Alternatively, it can be uploaded as Supplemental File during submission.